Nominate any structure type in the built environment, and, with near 100% surety, Altitech has experience working on, in or around it: Applying our expertise and proven, compliant systems to establish safe access to a work site target, regardless of the complexity, for the professional delivery a technical service specified by the Client.

Multi-story, freeform buildings. Offshore drilling platforms. Stadiums. Power plants. Communications towers. Aerial theatres. Wind turbines. Stay cable bridges. Atriums. Industrial processing plant. Bulk storage vessels. Geodesic domes. Industrial cooling towers. Amusement rides. Hydro facilities … just a small sample of the extensive range of complex structures we have successfully completed projects on.

We embrace the challenge of any structure. Our extensive experience, operational processes and internal quality management system is utilized to analyse and mitigate any associated risk and develop robust access / work methods to ensure maximum safety.