site services

Altitech’s specialist, qualified and experienced technical site teams possess immense, proven success in the delivery of a comprehensive range of technical services.

Spanning four distinct categories of site services, our expertise is applicable to the entire range of elements, components and composite substrates of facades, fixtures, structure and industrial installations.

Integrated with our advanced structure access capabilities, procedural frameworks, risk mitigation and quest for innovation, our competitive advantage is clear. Project costs, time and site interference are minimised. Safety, compliance and quality is optimised.

  • one off industrial and cyclical cleaning
  • surface treatments and paint system application
  • façade lighting / LED lifecycle maintenance
Remedial repair
  • substrate reinstatement
  • weatherproofing and façade leak rectification
  • structural and non-structural rectification & reinforcement

Coatings inspection, close visual inspection and leak identification for facades, structure and systems; non-destructive, load and torque testing of structural elements / fixtures and height safety systems; corrosion, dimensional, LiDAR, 3D, thermographic and acoustic surveys. Altitech’s expertise includes technician, UAV and robotic assisted inspection; the level of method utilisation determined by the Client’s criteria, data requirements and situational/site restrictions.

Complete or part assembly and construction of static and mechanical structure that includes complex façade features, structural elements and amusement rides. Installation of complex location structure and fixtures; façade curtain wall elements, indoor / outdoor signage; façade access, work positioning and height safety systems; theatre equipment; structure monitoring systems; geotechnical anchorage and debris retention systems.

Comprehensive risk analysis / mitigation, detailed lifting plans and expert qualified rigging personnel fortifies our capability with all elements of aerial, technical or ground based transfer / installation / removal / demolition of façade glazing, elevated or complex structure, plant, fixtures or oversized furniture. With innovative compliant lifting / rigging equipment and global expertise we are able to minimise the use of heavy lift machinery and plant.

Contact us directly for comprehensive information, including project references and capability statements, related to any element of our technical service profile.