design & build

Altitech has vast operational experience across an exhaustive array of vertical, remote and difficult environments. With this comes an acute, end user, awareness and understanding of associated equipment and systems requirements: safety, standards compliance, functionality, ergonomics, compatibility, usability, performance, aesthetics and affordability.

Leveraging this knowledge, we have established exceptional design and engineering capabilities; successfully conceptualising, engineering, fabricating and installing a range of equipment, systems, fixtures and solutions across Asia.

Key affiliations with renowned industrial designers, architects, engineers, manufacturers, fabricators and inspection agencies ensures success throughout the entire lifecycle of conceptualisation, prototyping, verification, validation, fabrication and commissioning of Altitech’s engineered fixtures, equipment and systems.

Contact us directly for further information, discussion and project references applicable to our design and build focus areas:

Unparalleled end user knowledge of industrial rope access and suspended (tensioned and inflatable) platforms equipment, systems and methods. Deep familiarity with maintenance modalities. Structured analysis of building maintenance requirements. Direct relationships with established international manufacturers. Intimate understanding of materials. Access to and integration of innovative technology, fixtures, equipment and methodologies. A dynamic engineering team. In house concept through system verification abilities. Accumulated, these contributing elements place Altitech at the forefront of design, supply, install and commissioning of customised building / structure maintenance and façade work positioning systems in Asia.

Free form contemporary architecture. Traditional building typologies. Atriums. Canopies.

Retro fit or structure design integration. Irrespective of the structure, we have a proven record of delivering compliant, safe, aesthetic, functional and cost effective permanent access systems that integrate with and optimise a structure’s maintenance lifecycle.

Collaborating with Altisafe’s access to an extensive range of proprietary height safety equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers, Altitech’s Design and Build division has an established record of delivering seamless, user friendly, cost effective height safety systems for any element of structure or property. Both the retrofitting or design integration of innovative fall restraint, fall arrest and work positioning fixtures exists firmly within our capability. Our end user knowledge base immediately elevates us amongst competitors. Our systems avoid superfluous and complex designs for both the optimisation of both cost and usability.

Long term relationships with preeminent aerial theatre production and operation companies led us to the niche area of aerial performance apparatus design and production, most notably the iconic Scazziga hangers and triple swivels – both purpose built for the unique aerial and aquatic environment of the renowned House of Dancing Water venue. Our obsessive dynamic load analysis, design verification and function validation harmonizes exceptionally well with the “form and function” ethos of elite aerial performance theatre.

Drawing on global knowledge and experience with outdoor signage installation, Altitech has successfully engineered and installed a range of compliant, mega format, rigid and tensile fabric elevated outdoor signage systems and solutions. Focusing on engineered designs that facilitate rapid installation and removal on sites previously considered inaccessible, our systems been applauded and embraced by advertising agencies and global entertainment operators.

In the quest for error elimination and the progressive integration of technology, such as automated defect scanning, spatial sensors and real time data transfer, into our existing, human assisted, inspection service stream, Altitech’s Design and Build engineers have succeeded in the development of assorted purpose built modular inspection robotic systems. Lightweight and adaptable, Altitech’s self and externally propelled robotic systems have been successfully applied to the inspection of structure, such as continuous stay cables, in exposed locations at heights in excess of 300 metres.