Altitech delivers solutions: technical services, personnel supply, engineering capabilities and specialist project support.

Our proven experience spans the full range of sectors; urban, marine, alpine, desert, onshore and offshore environments, across 40+ countries. We operate regionally and globally from our Hong Kong and Macau headquarters.

We focus our expertise on complex structures: anything that may be elevated, subterranean, elaborate in design or simply considered “inaccessible” or cost prohibitive to access via traditional methods and equipment. 

As professional users and innovators of specialist structure access equipment, methods and systems we are able to make almost any target on any structure accessible.

With access established, our expert, qualified personnel deliver specific technical requirements, be it maintenance, repair, inspection, survey, construction, installation or complicated lifting works. 

Specialist, qualified personnel supply compliments Altitech’s technical service profile, providing reliable short and long term personnel solutions for Clients in multiple countries and industries. 

Extensive experience operating in the full spectrum of vertical, remote and difficult built environments integrates with our acute awareness of equipment and systems compliance, safety and functionality specific requirements. From this, our exceptional associated design and engineering capabilities have evolved.

Engaging Altitech’s specialist services, that include an auditing and consultancy capacity, in the fields of structure access and remote / elevated site safety, Clients ensure that associated pain points are addressed rapidly, precisely and confidently. 

  • Multidisciplinary, dynamic work force
  • Global, multi-sector experience
  • Solution driven ethos
  • Proven innovators
  • Technical experts
  • Access system professionals
  • Independently audited
  • Established industry leaders
  • Trusted by dozens of Clients
  • 500+ successfully completed projects

Our mission remains: active integration of innovation and evolving technology with our extensive global experience, access systems expertise,  expansive knowledge base and international network, for continual optimisation of our service profile.

ALTITECH: the services and original element of the ALTIGROUPthe premier work at height solutions collective.