People: We are able to confidently take on, efficiently manage, safely operate and successfully complete projects on complex structures and in difficult locations because we have the right people with us. Competent. Globally experienced. Qualified. Solution driven. Team players.

Altitech’s Directors hold an accumulated 60+ years of operational and management experience across a vast array of challenging location, complex structure and difficult access projects.

This experience spans all continents, 25+ countries and the spectrum of environments, sectors and industries, translating to an immense collective technical, operational and managerial expertise knowledge base and network.

Independently and variously, both Altitech directors’ have held diverse and key roles ranging introducing industrial rope access in various developing countries and territories; developed various forms of highly regarded aerial safety and inspection equipment; training multinational operatives in skills ranging rope access, mountain safety support, technical rigging and aerial rescue; managing projects on internationally iconic structures; assembling multi-dimensional precision plant and overseeing vast inspection and repair campaigns on offshore facilities.  Both hold active, industry relevant, certifications with leading industry bodies that include ISO, IRATA, PMP, ASNT, BGAS and API.

Substantial experience managing one off, multi day and multiyear projects throughout the full cycle of proposal, concept development, bid, preparation, operation and completion has paved the way for effective Directorial focus overseeing Altitech’s:

  • Strategic and business development
  • Commercial and change management
  • Innovation platforms and technology integration
  • Overall compliance and safety
  • Special projects

Valued members of the Altitech team, our Operations , Project, Engineering and Human Resources managers each come from diverse and complimentary backgrounds, each multi-lingual and multiskilled, with considerable experience in the areas of rope access assisted services, construction management and engineering project support.

Our managers are integral in ensuring maximum operational safety, compliance, efficiency, productivity and stability across each stage of Altitech’s varied project types and business streams and aligning such consistency with the company’s’ strategic growth.

Our Site teams are assembled based on the specific requirements of a project, include an experienced designated site supervisor and personnel with proven competency.

Our personnel pool includes technicians variously qualified (with locally and globally recognised certifications) as welders, painters, inspectors, electricians, mechanics, technical riggers, engineers and carpenters. External qualifications and competency assessments are complimented by Altitech’s internal skills training and mentoring program. All Altitech personnel engaged in work at height activities are qualified under the benchmark IRATA accreditation scheme.

We remain exceptionally proud of our multinational workforce, who collectively bring a diverse and tremendous range of skillsets and global experience that is at the core of Altitech’s project success. The experience of Altitech’s site personnel extends across the energy, utilities, resources, construction, telecommunications, transport and entertainment sectors.